Let the thunderous sound of Hannibal rampage through your video in the best of ways. A complete package of SFX, editing, and post-production that will get you and your audience hooked.

From Amsterdam to Seoul, Hannibal lives to deliver the weird, the different, and explore the beautiful. For sound that inspires,
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72 Seconds X KB국민은행
Sevn Alias X Hannibal Sound
Mr. Frank X Hannibal Sound - SFX
Bosch - Exquisite Fish
MSD - Innovation in Medicine
Wajer 55
Ahold - BCM
Port of Rotterdam - Game Changer / Couch Potatoe
- Eet Spruit -
Etos - Iris in your store
Other works
Joaquin Rico

Joaquin Rico

Hannibal's sound designer

Joaquin is the founder and in-house sound designer of Hannibal Sound. He grew up in Amsterdam and Paris and graduated from the University of Hull in the UK in 2012 with a BA in Creative Music Technology. Since then Joaquin has co-founded / collaborated in several start-ups and, as a freelancer, has created sound for clients such as Amsterdam Open Air / MTV, Coca-Cola, Ahold, Etos and various production houses in the Netherlands. ///// Through his international background, Joaquin has a broad experience with working internationally and has collaborated with teams from all over the world. Amongst other places, you can find him traveling between Amsterdam and Seoul for both work and pleasure. Hannibal Sound is a freelancing platform that arose from a group of loyal clients that kept coming back for Joaquin's sound. At its heart it's designed to take sound design further, to offer a full sound solution that gets you what you want, and to get your audience hooked to your content. Be it alone, or through his network of composers, editors, sound guys and whiz kids – Hannibal's got you covered, making sure you get next level sound. Contact us @ Hannibal Sound to see what we can do for you. >>>

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